About us

10_XS4_4.jpg       Every two out of three armored doors sold in Lithuania have our lock. Armored doors – it is the highest category of security. When security is the most important factor, when professionals take decisions – we have the highest market share.

      Dremler (previously Motusa) – leader in locks business in Lithuania. During 15 years of presence on market our locks secure more thank 300000 armored doors in Lithuania – this is almost one third of all Lithuanian apartments.

We specialize in locks for armored doors and other doors, projects where maximum security is needed. Security of our customer doors is No.1 priority for us – the reason why we exist.

During a year we equip more than 25 projects where high security and key control is needed. Our projects – banks, hotels, high class offices, private buildings and even prisons. We offer full solution in projects starting with locks, then also masterkey systems with protected duplication keys, door closers, door and window handles, door automatics. All elements of the concrete door we choose according to needed security level, intensity of use, fire resistance requirements and also unified design.

We represent more than 30 famous European companies on Lithuanian market – world leaders in their sectors, like MOTTURA, ISEO, FIAM, DORMA, GEZE, SALTO, EVVA, PETTITI and many others. We choose our partners considering the main criterion – what security level for our customers they can offer.

On Lithuanian territory we give 24 hours free of charge service during  warrantee period and also after warrantee service.

Honesty, transparency with our employees, clients, partners and state are our core values.


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